Yogo Sapphires

Moccasin Mountain Art carries a large selection of Montana Yogo Sapphires.  From rings, necklaces, earrings and other specialty jewelry, this rare gem is the foundation of all of our yogo sapphire jewelry.  

Yogo sapphires are naturally almost flawless. Gemstones deemed “Montana Sapphires” cannot hold a candle to a true Yogo.  “Montana Sapphires” must undergo heat treatment to be rid of impurities and even then cannot match the color and beauty of the Yogo Sapphire.  Although “Montana Sapphire” stones may be larger, they never obtain the pure true blue of the Yogos. 

No sapphires in the world can challenge the quality of the sapphires that come from the Yogo dike.  The standard of excellence among sapphires is right where it belongs—in Montana at the Yogo dike. 

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Yogo Sapphires, Lewistown MT